Melonbox began as a page on Instagram, which served as the main platform for selling their products. As time passed, Melonbox's popularity grew rapidly, attracting a couple of hundred followers initially and now boasting a significant following of 86K. With their customer base continually expanding, Melonbox needed a new online platform to cater to their audience's needs.


That's when they approached us to build a website that functions seamlessly across all platforms and enables users to maintain a cart, add items to their Wishlist, and purchase products without signing up. The website had to be minimalist and highly user-friendly. We chose to use NextJS and hosted it on Vercel to ensure it was highly responsive and fast. Overall, it was a fascinating project, and the clients were delighted with the final result.

image, fully optimized for mobile!



UI / UX Design

Front-End Development

Back-End Development